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I have been teaching yoga while bantering on the meaning of life since 2004, perhaps in an unconventional way. Admittedly, the label of yoga teacher makes my soul contract, yoga in the west is innately flawed, it is complicated and layered, and it has been medicinal for me. The practice, both on and off the mat has allowed me to reclaim the complexity of being, the mess, and divinity, and has become a loving invitation to live more integrated as a soul in a body. The practice was a doorway I entered,  it is not the totality of who I am or what I do. There are many, many pathways to a deeper and more meaningful life. Yoga opened many doors for me and allowed me to wake up to my calling more fully. But who wants to be stuck with one label? Not me. 

Over time, the confines of the yoga studio have felt limited and exclusive, I ached for a way to have deep conversations off the mat, and to connect to those who may not stumble into a yoga studio. I have always craved raw, meaningful, and vulnerable connections, and love the art of storytelling.  I want to hear about how you have thrived and where you have fallen, my podcast was born out of this desire. 

My style of yoga teaching is conscious + alignment-based, an alignment that transcends the simplicity of a conscious body. My focus is reflective of my desire of living in line with my soul's purpose, the challenges of getting out of my own way, and owning the deeply personal journey on the path of transformation. 

My approach is no-nonsense and I ask you to show up for yourself first. After tens of thousands of hours teaching I have developed a strong voice when inviting you to explore your own truth amidst the discomfort of living an authentic life. Over time I have found my way into larger audiences outside of yoga, helping others step into their power and find their way back to themselves. My mission to help others wake up and stay awake, conscious, and engaged within the school of life and to ground spirituality making it more accessible to those who are hungry for a shift in perspective and expansion of their mind & heart. 

My motto: Be unapologetically you and RISE to answer the call of your soul.

My truth is that I have been on the journey of self-discovery since day 1. I came into the world sensitive and awake and have spent much of my life learning how to manage my sensitivity in a world that never made sense to me. I work to speak openly about living a life with anxiety and depression and how it has not only shaped me but allowed me to more deeply understand the need for a more loving compassionate, inclusive, and grounded spirituality that can help each of us all cultivate purpose, meaning, and growth on earth. 

I live with my wife Gina, and our 8-year-old daughter, and our 5 fur babies, three cats, and two dogs in the liberal 'burbs of Detroit. 

Certified Intuitive Practitioner - Sacred Balance Institute - Lori Lipten

Trained and certified by world renowned shamanic medium, author spiritual teacher Lori Lipten in the intuitive arts including: energy healing & management, akashic reading, shamanic journey, mediumship, collaborating with Spirit, conscious manifesting, energy alchemy, and more. 

Undergraduate degree earned and an unofficial minor in several subjects including but not limited to Women's Studies, Art  & Sociology. 

Psychology, Bachelor Of Science - Wayne State University 

500hr ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher + Lead Trainer) 

200 RYT Linda Kay Nathan 2003/2004 Ashtanga/Vinyasa and Healthy Backs with

200 RYT Yoga Shelter 2006

Yoga Medics 2007 - 2014 Lead Teacher Trainer + Yoga Therapist 

Anusara Training 2011-2012Noah Mazé, Natalie Piet, Todd Tesen

Doug Keller Training

IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) 


I have taught tens of thousands of yoga classes, teacher trainings, immersions, mentorship programs, spiritual +    

 personal development programs, and much more over the last 2 decades. 

School of life since 1980

The most important education she has received is in the school of life. "Most of the things I really know have come from conscious living, hard lessons of life, heartache, discomfort and my willingness to rise up, again and again. "

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