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Hello!  I'm Ann Fancy, and I am honored you are here. 


I proudly identify as a devoted student of life, harboring an insatiable curiosity that fuels my perpetual quest for deeper understanding—both of myself and the intricate world, both tangible and ethereal.

Just as the wise Velveteen Rabbit said, "You become." My hope is we all become exactly who we intended to be. I work daily to peel away the layers of who I am as I adventure in the unknown. I am here to reclaim my power, my light, and my dark, day by day, moment by moment. I hope to serve as an ally, guide, cheerleader, or loving reflection for you as you do the same in classes, on retreat, during immersions, in intuitive coaching sessions, by listening to the podcast... or any other number of ways our paths may cross. 


As I continue to follow the whisper of my soul, I now offer sacred retreats in my favorite place in northern Michigan, as well as one-on-one sessions to support others on their path of transformation through spiritual coaching, workshops, or private yoga sessions. 

I am grateful for your presence here on this page. I hope you remember that your light, your journey, your reclamation, your voice, your health, your healing, your life matters, quite simply YOU MATTER. 

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