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Yoga rescued me, showing me how to rescue myself. After leaving Rugby, a sport I cherished for its camaraderie and life lessons, I sought solace in yoga. My first class felt like coming home. I knew at that moment that yoga would be a lifelong pursuit and that I'd eventually become an instructor.


As I distanced myself from organized religion, yoga became my sanctuary, a place where I could harmonize my body and spirituality, finding peace and relief from a lifetime of anxiety and depression. Gradually, I reclaimed my power and self-worth, shedding layers of self-loathing and shame.


Though my pain was often hidden, I faced body image issues that kept me from the studio. Yoga gave me a voice, a platform to speak life into others while healing myself. It helped me confront discomfort, trust in my capability to navigate life's messiness and rediscover my innate gifts and purpose. I also believe that yoga helped rewire my dysregulated nervous system and I found it was the best "medicine" I had experienced to date. In this process of rewiring, I was able to reestablish trust with my body, and its wisdom, and more easily access my intuition. 

Inspired by my transformative journey, I share the practice with others, offering space for raw vulnerability. I aim to encourage students to embark on their own path of self-discovery, embracing love, authenticity, and courage.


Teaching yoga in the West has been a complicated experience for me since 2004. I hold reverence for the tradition while allowing space for it to be an imperfect system, At the heart of asana is a practice of honoring one's authentic self, aligning with one's core values, and embodying the light of one's soul.  


I eagerly anticipate connecting with you, and meeting you where you are on your journey. May my experiences help illuminate your path forward.

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Have questions? Book a discovery call to explore what our work together could look like. 

Credentials + Training

  • BA in Psychology minor in Women Studies                       Wayne State University 2003​​​​

  • RYT 200 - Yoga Chi with Linda Kay - 2004​​

    • Healthy Backs + Ashtanga Vinyasa​

  • RYT 200 - Yoga Shelter 2007

  • Yoga Medics​

    • Lead Spine Care Teacher 2008-2013

    • Lead Trainer for Teacher Training 2008-2013

    • Individual treatment of clients with comorbidity. Chronic Pain, Anxiety/Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, Amputation, Cancer, Complex Trauma, PTSD.

  • Yoga Shelter 2008-2013

  • Therapeutic Yoga Conferences 2009-2011

  • Doug Keller Therapeutics Training 2012

  • Anusara Immersions + Training​​

    • Noah Mazé, Todd Tessen, Natalie ​

  • Citizen Yoga - Royal Oak

    • Lead Teacher 2013-Present​

    • Teacher Trainer 2013-Present

  • Intuitive Practioner + Soul Retrieval Certification 2020     Sacred Balance Academy - Lori Lipten

  • Online Somatic Experiencing Training

  • Online Trauma Informed Training

  • Tranformational Coach Certification 2022

And many more conferences, trainings and educational experiences along the way. 

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