You are more than your asana. 

THE TRUTH:  Yoga saved me. 
Yoga entered my life after I had taken a break from Rugby. I loved the sport. I really really loved the sport. There is no other sport in the world where you annihilate your opponent and then drink, hug and party the way ruggers do. There is definitely a life lesson held within the sport which is to truly leave it on the pitch (the field). There is also a deep sense of belonging that happens in the world of Rugby. I don't think you would ever get it unless you were a part of it. Anyway, back to yoga. Rugby destroyed my flexible body and as a former gymnast, I had been curious about yoga but way too intimidated to go alone. The family I nannied for in college had taken it up and invited me along. 
My first yoga class was one of the moments where you know you are exactly where you are meant to be. I had a moment in the midst of it where I knew in the center of being that yoga would be an intrinsic part of my life and that I would one day instruct the practice. Of course it became that and so much more. 
Yoga was my sanctuary when my relationship with organized religion ended. It was the first place I could live in my body and my spirituality with some sense of peace. It was the first thing that softened my experience of anxiety and depression. Yoga brought be back to myself. It wasn't instantaneous, but over time, slowly I stepped back into myself more bravely than I had in quite some time. 
On the outside, you likely didn't see my pain. You didn't know the number of times I came to the studio but didn't enter because of the shame of my body. You might not of seen the self-loathing and disempowerment that came with my debilitating body image issues. 
Yoga eventually gave me a voice that brought me back to my truth. Teaching yoga gave me a platform to speak life into others while I spoke it back into myself. Yoga was therapy for me both inside the personal practice on my mat and sharing it with the students. 
Yoga helped me reclaim my power. Yoga helped me choose to no longer distract myself with the nonsense of the unworthiness (at least most the time).Yoga allows me to peel back the layers of protection I have built around my innate sensitivity, my intuition my insight. Yoga was the invitation back into my gifts, my light, my truth, my purpose. 
All these things that yoga has done for me, my passion is teaching is to offer it back to each person I encounter. We each are on a unique journey with the self and the divine. Each of us had our own traumas to endure and obstacles to overcome. But I hope to offer people the space to be raw, vulnerable and seen. I hope that through my own ongoing journey, I can invite others into the journey of growth, of unapologetic authenticity.y I hope that together we can inspired and liberated. 
Photo Credit : Molly Grunewald Photography
BORING DETAILS: I am 500 level E-RYT certified with thousands of hours of studio classes, private instruction and more. My formal training has included studies in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for Back Health and beyond. I have taught thousands of hours of teacher training in a variety of formats including 200 level, 500 level, yoga therapeutics.
Much of my knowledge and understanding has been gained through careful watch of the tens of thousands of bodies I have encountered. The students I meet are my best teachers, in every way. ​
I currently teach a limited schedule at Citizen Yoga in Royal Oak, MI. 
To find out more about upcoming Teacher Training or to schedule a private or small group session with me. Please contact me using the contact form below. 



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