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Wellness Classes: 

Essential Oil Basics

This class is ideal for an overview on why essential oils have become all the rage. How do you safely use them, how to decipher the truth amidst all the noise around aromatherapy and why quality matters. You will also learn what oils are best for the most common everyday uses. 

Aromatherapy & Emotional Health

Did you know one of the best uses for essential oils is to support a balanced nervous system? More and more research confirms what ancient wisdom has always known, aromatherapy is a natural way to support a more balanced mood and positive state of mind. In this class you will learn the basic science in how aromatherapy supports the emotional system and where to begin in creating a personalized plan to support your most balanced state of being. 

Healthy Immune System

There are so many natural ways to support a healthy, high-functioning immune system. We will talk about the powerhouse essential oils that help you and your children stay well, fight germs, viruses, and bacteria.


We will take it a step further and talk about the rise of auto-immune issues and focus on how to best support your body in functioning optimally. There are micro-nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils that can not only support symptoms of AI issues, but also help support homeostasis in your body. 


Aromatherapy, Hormones, Fertility & More

In the same way that your body wants to be healthy and free from dis-ease, your body wants to function optimally when it comes to hormone health. There are many players involved from thyroid health to fertility to menopause there are many stages and ages and challenges to maintain good hormone health. We will talk about oils, supplements and lifestyle choices that will allow our endocrine system to be as happy as possible. 

I will educate you on simple ways to decrease your exposure to endocrine disrupters, phytoestrogen, xenoestrogen and more. Knowledge is power and there is so much you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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