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Are you craving time to nourish your soul, your body & mind, in a safe, retreat-like setting from the safety and comfort of your home? So many of us are yearning to gather with like-minded souls, Lori Lipten, and I decided it is time to create an online opportunity to do just that!



During this online immersive experience you will learn to:


✵ Become the compassionate steward of your power, intuition, and purpose.

✵ Awaken and connect with your Inspired Heart.

✵ Reunite with your soul’s essence.

✵ Discover practices that safely nurture you into embodied presence and empower

    you to live more radiantly, more fully.

✵ Practice true integration as you anchor the power of your soul more fully in your    


A 2-day Online Retreat to come home to your wisdom, power, and purpose.

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As a sensitive, intuitive being, you have the power within you to clear your energy, to discover and hold energetic boundaries, and to embrace and embody your soul’s wisdom and power.

YOU can retrieve lost feeling, essence, and power, awaken your inner healer, commune with safe allies, and free yourself from imprinted energetic patterns blocking your full intuitive awareness and fulfillment.


+++ What would it be like to come home to yourself? +++

Life has challenged us all to live fully embodied as sensitive souls in a world with

sharp edges. As we are shifting in consciousness on the earth, we are also facing the collective trauma, fear, and the divisions of race, politics, spirituality, and science while facing a global pandemic. This experience is activating our wounds, triggering us to fall into familiar patterns of coping. However, held within this experience, is an opportunity to discover what needs our attention, so we can cultivate healing, collectively and individually.

Most of us have learned how to respond to pain or fear by contracting our energy, numbing, shutting down, disconnecting, daydreaming, and other choices that separate us from our inner source of healing, guidance, and power. While these patterns may sometimes serve us, it is possible to compassionately reset, come home to ourselves, live in our body, and navigate life from the posture of embodied empowerment.


+++What is an Embodied Soul?+++


Embodied Souls are fully awake in their upper and lower chakra system, within the presence of a fully activated Inspired Heart. They feel a strong connection to the Divine, the wisdom of their intuition, their empathic and emotionally sensitive nature, while also being grounded, deeply connected to the earth, integrated, and empowered.

They feel the movement of non-ordinary and ordinary realities within their being; attuning, aligning, and allowing these energies to guide their natural rhythms. They live a consciously intuitive life, freeing themselves from indoctrinated beliefs and dogma, living in authentic alignment with their souls' wisdom. They give and receive from their soul’s powerful presence, living in the moment, guided by love.


Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Phenomenal?

F*&king awesome? Badass? Amaze-balls?


Embodied Souls are actively becoming our true selves. We are engaged in allowing our soulful essence to come fully into our body and live there safely. We are consciously meeting ourselves – light and shadow – with compassion, as we lean into embracing our soul’s power with loving acceptance and intentionality.

+++What is it like to not be in your body? +++

Shamans have recognized this state for thousands of years as “soul loss”. Soul loss means your soul's essence has retreated, contracted, is cut off from you, feels outside of you, isn't fully there. It's uncomfortable and yet, in our culture, we do not fully understand or address soul loss. Soul loss can be addressed energetically.


YOU can restore your soul's energy and heal!




Ann and Lori are Soul Retrievers, who work with Spirit, to assist the soul in safely returning to ordinary reality so you can live peacefully, and courageously within your body.


When we are not embodied and have soul-loss, we struggle needlessly. In an indigenous shamanic culture, soul-loss is addressed within 3 days. In our culture, we learn to live with soul-loss and adapt. This leaves us feeling disconnected from ourselves, our intuition, our body, our joy. We may feel a lack of worth and not know how to set and hold boundaries. We can struggle with relationships, commitment, finances, health, self-love, obsessive thinking, codependency, addiction, perfectionism, food, body image, sleep, manifesting, trust.


✵Gentle Yoga Movement
✵Guided Meditation
✵Inspired Heart Activation
✵Clearing Energy Blocks
✵Soul Reunion
✵Intuitive Connection
✵Compassionate Self-Care


Full Tuition $222 


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Full Tuition $222 


Click to Register!